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Continuing Opera Education 
Continuing Education classes (CoEd) at the Metropolitan Opera Guild are designed to provide life-long learning opportunities for those interested in delving deeper into subject matter in a college classroom-style setting. CoEd courses include reading assignments between lectures in preparation for classroom discussion. Ability to read music is helpful but not required. Students are provided with digital copies of all reading and listening material. Score excerpts will also be provided when applicable for those interested in utilizing them as supplemental material for their studies.  
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TUESDAY OCT 15, 22, 29 NOV 5 6:30-8PM  
Presented by Naomi Barrettara 
The 20th century was a time of incredible change. Two World Wars, shifts in political alliances, the redrawing of national borders, rising and falling economies, rapid changes in technology, and the explosion of informal and cultural exchange began happening at a rate faster than ever before in human history. In this period of 100 years, musical trends developed and evolved rapidly, and opera as an art form went through a dramatic process of evolution and reincarnation as composers reacted to the many changes happening in the world around them. In this four-week CoEd class, lecturer Naomi Barrettara guides audiences through an in depth exploration of operatic masterpieces of the 20th century featured in the 2019-20 season. Each session will examine unique elements of each work’s musical style and compositional construction, as well as information about the composer, historical context, cultural influences, and points of inspiration for the operas under study. 


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