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Opera Boot Camp 

 One of the Guild's most popular learning events, Opera Boot Camp offers newcomers and seasoned operagoers alike a friendly, entertaining, and enlightening introductory exploration through various elements of the art form. Each Opera Boot Camp is structured in four sessions, spread over two consecutive Saturdays. 
Events are held in the Opera Learning Center, on the 6th floor of the Samuel B. and David Rose Building at Lincoln Center. 
Upcoming courses: 
Saturdays, September 16 & 23, 10:30AM-12PM & 1-2:30PM  
Presented by Naomi Barrettara 
Words like spinto, fach, coloratura, and tessitura are all regularly used to describe the types of voices we hear in the opera repertoire, but what do these words mean in relation to singing? What are operatic voice types, and what is the difference between them? In this four-part course, resident Opera Boot Camp instructor Naomi Barrettara will address these questions and more as she guides the audience through an exploration of operatic voice types, highlighting singers of the past and present and discussing how their voices fit into (or, in some cases, defy) established vocal categorizations.


Saturdays, March 17 & 24, 10:30AM-12PM & 1-2:30PM  
Presented by Naomi Barrettara 
Are you curious about the difference between violins and violas, or oboes and English horns? Have you ever wondered how Met Orchestra musicians prepare for performances or why the percussionists rehearse in a different way than the flautists? Back by popular demand, Opera Boot Camp once again turns its attention to the orchestra! Enrich your knowledge of orchestral instruments, gain insights into the history and mechanics of those instruments, and explore how orchestras evolved over time. Learn to listen to the orchestra in a new way as the Guild's resident Opera Boot Camp lecturer Naomi Barrettara guides you through this four-session course, accompanied by audio and video clips, and live demonstrations with guest musicians from the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra.


Tickets for the 2017-18 Season go on sale on Monday, August 7! 


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