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Opera Boot Camp 
One of the Guild’s most popular learning programs, Opera Boot Camps offer newcomers and seasoned operagoers alike a friendly, entertaining, and enlightening exploration of various elements of the art form. Each Opera Boot Camp is structured in four sessions, spread over two consecutive Saturdays.  
Pricing for each Opera Boot Camp is as follows: 
Full Course Registration: $100 Public | $85 Guild members and students 
Individual Session Registration: $28 Public | $25 Guild members and students 
Tickets are now on sale!  

SATURDAY SEP 25, OCT 5 10:30AM-12PM & 1-2:30PM 
Presented by Naomi Barrettara 
There is something for everybody in opera, but it can be daunting to figure out where to start. In this series, lecturer Naomi Barrettara kicks off the 2019–20 season of Opera Boot Camps with an introduction to opera history, musical terms, and voice types designed to be friendly for both newcomers and veteran operagoers.  
SATURDAY JAN 25, FEB 1 10:30AM-12PM & 1-2:30PM 
Presented by Naomi Barrettara 
From the very beginning of opera as an art form, love stories have inspired someof the most beautiful, heartbreaking, and beloved music—as well as centuries of impassioned singing. In our winter Opera Boot Camp, lecturer Naomi Barrettara explores how generations of composers have expressed the complexities of love, rejection, and redemption in their greatest operatic masterpieces.  
SATURDAY APR 18 & 25 10:30AM-12PM & 1-2:30PM 
Presented by Naomi Barrettara 
Conductors are vitally important in the opera house, leading and directing the ensemble of musical forces that comes together during a performance. In the last Opera Boot Camp of the 2019–20 season, lecturer Naomi Barrettara explores the role of the conductor in opera, discussing the history, mechanics, and musical elements of conducting, as well as the extraordinary careers of some legendary conductors.  
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