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Using the elements of opera—libretto-writing, music composition, and theatrical staging—students compose and present their own musical dramas based on source material drawn from Language Arts or Social Studies curriculum. These may include stories, poems, or historical events. Students build skills in the arts while also exploring creativity, communication, and collaborative problem solving.
Weekly Instruction 
Guild Artists collaborate with teachers to identify specific learning goals for students while planning and developing opera-based instruction that addresses these goals. Guild Artists also help to facilitate opera-based learning with students in the classroom.
Planning Sessions 
Guild Artists and participating teachers meet for formal planning on a weekly basis to guide communication and collaboration.
Professional Development 
Teachers participate in a half-day workshop exploring how the elements of opera support ongoing classroom instruction. They also develop their ability to facilitate arts learning with students through one-on-one mentorship with Guild Artists.
Student Presentations 
Students have the opportunity to perform for one another and the community throughout the year.
Final Dress Rehearsal Tickets 
Teachers may choose to bring their students to a final dress rehearsal at the Met (grades 3 and above).
Pre-K to Grade 12
Semester or year-long (18-30 weeks)
45 minutes per week per classroom
Approximately $1,200-$3,000 per classroom*
Minimum 4 classrooms per school

*Limited financial assistance for qualifying schools 
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