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Using choral repertoire from the operatic canon as well as different cultures, genres, and time periods, this program builds music literacy, text comprehension, and listening skills. Students also explore rhythm, pitch, harmony, and notation through performance. The program is designed to foster connections with existing classroom curriculum.


 “Students who seldom, if ever, participate voluntarily in class feel emboldened and readily stand up for presentations or to offer support to other students. Vocabulary increases, time on tasks increases, focus and attention to details are heightened." 

 - ElenSeminara, Partner Teacher, P.S. 373 (Staten Island)  


Weekly Instruction 
Guild Artists facilitate weekly, year-long choral instruction utilizing an approach grounded in Common Core Learning Standards.
Planning Sessions 
Guild Artists and participating teachers meet for formal planning on a weekly basis to guide communication and collaboration.
Student Presentations 
Students have the opportunity to perform for one another and the community throughout the year.
Final Dress Rehearsal Tickets 
Teachers may choose to bring their students to a final dress rehearsal at the Met (grades 3 and above).
K to Grade 12
20 weeks or 30 weeks
45 minutes per week per classroom
Approximately $1,200-$1,500 per classroom*
Minimum 4 classrooms per school
*Limited financial assistance for qualifying schools 
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