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Table Of Contents: July 2020

July 2020 Cover 720


Vol. 85, No. 1

Music and Politics: Luigi Nono's Interollanza 1960 • Exclusive Overview: Salzburg Looks Ahead • American Tenor Sean Panikkar • Director Lydia Steier • U.K. Opera Faces the Pandemic • A Tribute to Rosalind Elias • Sound Bites: Ben Schaefer • A Mozart Reading List

Life Line thmb 720Life Line
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Vitality, intensity and rock-solid technique have brought Asmik Grigorian runaway success.
By Fred Cohn
Portraits by Chris Singer
Future Tense thmb 720Future Tense
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The Salzburg Festival contemplates its second century.
By A. J. Goldmann 
Political Clarity thmb 720Political Clarity
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Luigi Nono’s Intolleranza 1960 remains powerful in 2020.
By William R. Braun 
Provoking Thought thmb 720Provoking Thought
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Lydia Steier directs outside the box.
By Charles Shafaieh 
Graceful Spirit thmb 720Graceful Spirit
American mezzo-soprano Rosalind Elias, who died on May 3, served opera with distinction.
By F. Paul Driscoll 
Chill in the Air thmb 720Chill in the Air
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The U.K. opera world endures the coronavirus shutdown.
By Richard Fairman
Illustrations by Ben Kirchner
Disciplined Attach thmb 720Disciplined Attack
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Tenor Sean Panikkar loves to sing new works.
By Judith Malafronte 
In Review
Books Heyman barber book 720 Books
A second edition of the authoritative biography of Samuel Barber uses an expanded palette to paint a fuller picture.
Noteworthy thmb 720Noteworthy & Now
By Eloise Giegerich
Sound Bites Schaefer thmb 720Sound Bites: Ben Schaefer
Subscribers Only
An Iowa-born baritone is thriving in Philadelphia.
By F. Paul Driscoll
Best of the Best thmb 720Best of the Best: La Bohème 
We asked our critics for their favorite recordings of Bohème’s greatest hits.
By Henry Stewart 

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