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Rolando Villazon thmb 1020The Rolando Connection
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Tenor, director and producer Rolando Villazón is busier than ever.
By Fred Cohn
Portraits by Dario Acosta
Shutting out the Silence thmb 1020Shutting Out the Silence
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Classical-music streaming services have changed listening habits. 
By Charles Shafaieh
Illustration by Robert Neubecker
Rare Soul thmb 1020Rare Soul
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A new recording by soprano Ermonela Jaho captures the spirit of verismo.
By Louise T. Guinther 
Local Color meo thmb 1020Local Color
Parma’s annual Verdi Festival ceebrates the composer on his own turf.
By Fred Cohn 
Golden Age thmb 1020Golden Age
The original-cast albums of the 1950s and ’60s captured the magic of Broadway.
By Eric Myers 
Tuned in Talk thmb 1020Tuned-In Talk
Classical-music Podcasts are good listening.
By Joe Cadagin
Illustration by Robert Neubecker
The Lion Still Roars thmb 1020The Lion Still Roars
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Titta Ruffo’s recordings remain singularly thrilling.
By David J. Baker 
Highest Fidelity thmb 1020Highest Fidelity
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Has the sound of vinyl LPs ever been matched?
By William R. Braun
Illustration by Robert Neubecker

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