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October 2021

Reviews of the latest opera CDs and DVDs — both remastered reissues of the greats and new recordings by today's most notable artists.

Recordings Carmen Cover 1021Editor's Choice

BIZET: Carmen
DVD Button Antonacci, Gillet; Richards, Cavallier; Monteverdi Choir, Orchestre Révolutionnaire et Romantique, Gardiner. Production: Noble. Naxos NBD0127V (Blu-ray)/2.110685-86 (2 DVDs), 168 minutes, subtitles

Modern Love.

Anna Caterina Antonacci’s already legendary portrayal of Carmen is nuanced and nonjudgmental.

Opera and Oratorio

Recordings Ghosts of Versailles Cover 1021CORIGLIANO: The Ghosts of Versailles
Subscribers Only
CD DVD Button 1021 Perrotta, Siembieda, Latini, Misch; Bryan, Morgan, Sanders, Schaefer, Wallin; Orchestre de l’Opéra Royal, Colaneri. Production: Lesenger. Château de Versailles Spectacles CVS036
Recordings Morphine Cover 1021CREAN: The Priestess of Morphine
Online ExclusiveSubscribers Only
CD Button Bruton, Lyons; Giger (violin), Hudson (cello), Zucker (vibraphone). Texts. Navona Records NV6343
Recordings Rodelinda Cover 1021HANDEL: Rodelinda 
Online ExclusiveSubscribers Only
CD Button Crowe, Davies, Ellicott, Cedel, Dandy, Mead, The English Concert, Harry Bicket. Text and translation. Linn CKD658 (3)
Recordings Mayr Elena Cover 1021MAYR: Elena
Online ExclusiveSubscribers Only
CD Button Wagner, Feith, Capitelli; Schäfer, Zhi, Thum, Ochoa, Mallmann, Mattersberger; Concerto de Bassus, Simon Mayr Chorus, Hauk. Naxos 8.660462-63 (2)
Recordings Messager Passionment Cover 1021MESSAGER: Passionnément 
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CD Button Gens, Car, Jeffery; Huchet, Dupuis, Noguera; Münchner Rundfunkorchester, Blunier. Bru Zane BZ 1044
Recordings Boheme Cover 1021PUCCINI: La Bohème
Online ExclusiveSubscribers Only
DVD Button Yoncheva, Mihai; Castronovo, Filończyk, Kellner, Nagy, White, Wade; Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, Villaume. Production: Jones. Opus Arte OA1332D, 119 mins., subtitles
Recordings Sankaram Cover 1021SANKARAM: Looking at You
Subscribers Only
Digital Tag 1021 Gaissert, Danrich, Sodergren; Snook, An, McKeever; Henry (piano), Hudgins (alto sax), Rosenberg (ten. sax), Sinton (bar. sax), McCoy. Online text. Bright Shiny Things BSTC-1049
Recordings Trout Lily Cover 1021SCHERER: La Trout Lily
Online ExclusiveSubscribers Only
Digital Tag 1021 Clementz, Cox, Lorenzo, Harding; Dewese, Pember, Burney. Podcast.
Recordings Ferne Klang Cover 1021SCHREKER: Der Ferne Klang
Online ExclusiveSubscribers Only
CD Button Holloway, Secunde; Koziara, Volle, Bintner, Lebow; Oper Frankfurt, Weigle. Text, no translation. OEHMS OC980 (2)
Recordings Falstaff Cover 1021VERDI: Falstaff
Subscribers Only
DVD Button Frittoli, Sierra, Kammerloher, Barcellona; Demuro, Volle, Daza; Staatsopernchor, Staatskapelle Berlin, Barenboim. Production: Martone. C Major DVD 757608, 142 mins., subtitles

Choral and Song

Recordings Chesky Cover 1021CHESKY: Songs for a Broken World
Online ExclusiveSubscribers Only
CD Button Bridges; Lemper, narrator; Díaz, English horn; Milisavljević, viola; Orchestra and Choir of the 21st Century. No texts. Chesky Records JD466


REcordings Sounds of Ancestos Cover 1021Anousha Nazari: Sounds of Ancestors
Online ExclusiveSubscribers Only
Digital Tag 1021 Ghiaee, piano. UCI Jordan Center for Persian Studies
Recordings Gonzalez Toro Cover 1021Emiliano Gonzalez Toro: Soleil Noir 
Subscribers Only
CD Button Works by Monteverdi, Peri, Caccini, Gagliano, D’India, Rasi, et al. Texts and translations. I Gemelli. Naïve V 5473
Recordings Journey Home Cover 1021John Brancy: The Journey Home 
Online ExclusiveSubscribers Only
CD Button P. Dugan, piano. Partial texts and translations. AVIE CD 2453
Recordings Kate Lindsey Cover 1021Kate Lindsey: Tiranno
Subscribers Only
CD Button Works by A. Scarlatti, Handel, Monteverdi, Monari. Arcangelo, Cohen. Texts and translations. Alpha 736
Recordings Solnicki One and the Other Cover 1021Lara Solnicki: The One and the Other 
Online ExclusiveSubscribers Only
CD Button Solnicki; Goldsmith (keyboards, electronics, electric bass, electric guitar), Lutek (woodwinds); Marsh (electric violin), Piltch (electric and acoustic guitar), Peterson (electric and acoustic bass), Brown (electric bass), Di Renzo (drums); English texts. Outside in Music OiM 2023


Recordings Naughty Marietta Cover 1021HERBERT: Naughty Marietta
Online ExclusiveSubscribers Only
CD Button Blazer, Green, Dreuger; Harrington, Turnage, Liebman; Morris, Millenium Chamber Orchestra. Harbinger Records  HCD 3702

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